There are so many photo booth companies and so many options! How do you know which one is best for you? Planning a wedding is not an easy task, we understand! Here are a few important questions to consider when choosing a photo booth for your wedding

What is your Event Type?

Well, not all photos booths are ideal for all events. What’s right for a sweet 16 may not be ideal for an elegant wedding (based on look or functionality). Some photo booths look like a box with black curtains, some have large umbrellas sticking up, a lot of cords everywhere or an iPad  mounted on a tripod. Some of the photo booths have automated “fun” comments that appear on screen. A message like “your outfit is on fleek” may be great for a teen event, but not appropriate for a mature wedding crowd!

How much space do you have for the booth?

Some venues have limited space depending on the number of guests that are coming to your wedding. Modern “Open-Air” styled photo booths often have a small footprint and look extraordinary! When you have a big room, though, take advantage and fill dead space with a custom and spacious photo booth station (see Enclosed booth option here)

A nice backdrop matters!

There are so many options here too! A typical studio backdrop on the tripod stands doesn’t look as attractive for a wedding, does it? But a custom-made backdrop will look sleek and make a lasting impression on all your guests. See our custom backdrops – Open-Air or Enclosed – on Instagram here.

Is cheaper better?

Competition amongst photo booth vendors is getting fierce. There are some companies who are trying to enter the market and price aggressively in a range of $200-300 to get more exposure. Typically, these businesses have only 1 photo booth available. Nothing wrong with that when you are just starting. However, from a customer perspective, this is where you have to understand the risk you are taking if you book it for a very important event like your wedding. What if that machine brakes the week before your wedding and cannot be fixed by your date? We always compare it to shooting a wedding with only one camera! There are no second chances! Consider that when choosing a photo booth for your wedding!

Is there a back-up equipment?

Most photo-booths consist of a complex combination of computer hardware and software combined with camera equipment, lighting and printers. Technology has a mind of its own. From time to time, things happen. It’s imperative to have back up equipment at the event, or even a second photo booth in stock!

Don’t make a mistake hiring the wrong business when it comes to a photo booth for your once-in-a-lifetime event. Commonly, photo booth pricing ranges from $600-$2500 per event. Do your homework. Work with professionals and most of all enjoy!

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