The Tassel was worth the Hassle!

Your child’s graduation is right around the corner! You are looking for some creative ideas to have an awesome celebration…What to do? Well, there are multiple options to create a memorable event. But the most fun and memorable one will certainly be a Photo Booth! Your child’s graduation is the capstone on yours and yours of study. School is no joke, neither most of the boring school portraits that never convey personality! Whether it’s high school, college, or a graduate school a party is definitely in order. And there’s no better way to capture the specific moment in time than by having a The Sleek Photo Booth for child’s graduation. If you’re embarking on a graduation party photo booth, here are some awesome things we can do for you as you plan for the big event.

Photo strips and Props with School Colors and Theme

We will use school’s colors as the party theme colors and create a customized photo strip with a school logo or a tag line! It is a great way to let everyone who comes to the party know you GRADUATED! Your Photo booth pictures will show this once-in-a-lifetime event. Viewing them in the future will bring you right back to the moment.

Go Back from Seconds

A photo booth is both a fun activity to entertain party guests, and a keepsake-producer. Don’t hesitate to go for multiple photos of yourself with different combinations of your pals. This might be your last chance to be with all your school friends for a while! However, your photo booth pictures a little always have something from the past to keep you company!

Parents, a photo booth is all it takes to provide your guests with a fun filled evening and memories to last a lifetime. You will hear the laughter coming from children, family members and friends! A custom photo booth album with pictures, notes of congratulations and advice for your graduate is a memento to look back at for years.

Make your child’s graduation party a day or night to remember by booking with The Sleek Photo Booth. You’ll be sure to have the neighbors talking about how fantastic your child’s graduation party was for weeks!

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