Choosing a Photo Booth for a Wedding

There are so many photo booth companies and so many options! How do you know which one is best for you? Planning a wedding is not an easy task, we understand! Here are a few important questions to consider when choosing a photo booth for your wedding

What is your Event Type?

Well, not all photos booths are ideal for all events. What’s right for a sweet 16 may not be ideal for an elegant wedding (based on look or functionality). Some photo booths look like a box with black curtains, some have large umbrellas sticking up, a lot of cords everywhere or an iPad  mounted on a tripod. Some of the photo booths have automated “fun” comments that appear on screen. A message like “your outfit is on fleek” may be great for a teen event, but not appropriate for a mature wedding crowd!

How much space do you have for the booth?

Some venues have limited space depending on the number of guests that are coming to your wedding. Modern “Open-Air” styled photo booths often have a small footprint and look extraordinary! When you have a big room, though, take advantage and fill dead space with a custom and spacious photo booth station (see Enclosed booth option here)

A nice backdrop matters!

There are so many options here too! A typical studio backdrop on the tripod stands doesn’t look as attractive for a wedding, does it? But a custom-made backdrop will look sleek and make a lasting impression on all your guests. See our custom backdrops – Open-Air or Enclosed – on Instagram here.

Is cheaper better?

Competition amongst photo booth vendors is getting fierce. There are some companies who are trying to enter the market and price aggressively in a range of $200-300 to get more exposure. Typically, these businesses have only 1 photo booth available. Nothing wrong with that when you are just starting. However, from a customer perspective, this is where you have to understand the risk you are taking if you book it for a very important event like your wedding. What if that machine brakes the week before your wedding and cannot be fixed by your date? We always compare it to shooting a wedding with only one camera! There are no second chances! Consider that when choosing a photo booth for your wedding!

Is there a back-up equipment?

Most photo-booths consist of a complex combination of computer hardware and software combined with camera equipment, lighting and printers. Technology has a mind of its own. From time to time, things happen. It’s imperative to have back up equipment at the event, or even a second photo booth in stock!

Don’t make a mistake hiring the wrong business when it comes to a photo booth for your once-in-a-lifetime event. Commonly, photo booth pricing ranges from $600-$2500 per event. Do your homework. Work with professionals and most of all enjoy!

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Rent a Photobooth for Graduation

The Tassel was worth the Hassle!

Your child’s graduation is right around the corner! You are looking for some creative ideas to have an awesome celebration…What to do? Well, there are multiple options to create a memorable event. But the most fun and memorable one will certainly be a Photo Booth! Your child’s graduation is the capstone on yours and yours of study. School is no joke, neither most of the boring school portraits that never convey personality! Whether it’s high school, college, or a graduate school a party is definitely in order. And there’s no better way to capture the specific moment in time than by having a The Sleek Photo Booth for child’s graduation. If you’re embarking on a graduation party photo booth, here are some awesome things we can do for you as you plan for the big event.

Photo strips and Props with School Colors and Theme

We will use school’s colors as the party theme colors and create a customized photo strip with a school logo or a tag line! It is a great way to let everyone who comes to the party know you GRADUATED! Your Photo booth pictures will show this once-in-a-lifetime event. Viewing them in the future will bring you right back to the moment.

Go Back from Seconds

A photo booth is both a fun activity to entertain party guests, and a keepsake-producer. Don’t hesitate to go for multiple photos of yourself with different combinations of your pals. This might be your last chance to be with all your school friends for a while! However, your photo booth pictures a little always have something from the past to keep you company!

Parents, a photo booth is all it takes to provide your guests with a fun filled evening and memories to last a lifetime. You will hear the laughter coming from children, family members and friends! A custom photo booth album with pictures, notes of congratulations and advice for your graduate is a memento to look back at for years.

Make your child’s graduation party a day or night to remember by booking with The Sleek Photo Booth. You’ll be sure to have the neighbors talking about how fantastic your child’s graduation party was for weeks!

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Rent a Photobooth for Graduation

To Have or Not to Have a Photobooth?

When you plan your wedding, it is hard to decide how to allocate your funds to make the most of it!  Most couples allocate anywhere from 15-20% of their budget for photography and entertainment.  Brides & Grooms often overlook entertainment for the event, which leads to less than spectacular time for your guests. People will quickly become bored, stay to be polite, and start to leave your party early.  

A Photo Booth entertains your guests for you!  Here are some thoughts to consider…

  • Not all of your guests get on a dance floor for many reasons. All of your guests will use the Photo Booth though!  They’ll be talking about your wedding reception for years to come!
  • Photographers have very limited time for your wedding & family portraits.  During your reception, the photographer is focused on the bride and groom.  Also, most photography packages don’t include coverage through your reception.  This is where a Photo Booth can continue taking pictures after your photographer is long gone!
  • Have you thought about the guest book?  We include one with every wedding reception and our booth attendant assists people with adding personalized messages as well.  This is another great keepsake to have of your family and friends having an amazing time at your wedding reception!

While every wedding investment is important, Photo Booths have a big “bang for the buck”.  Unlike most of your expenses, a Photo Booth package gives you a ton of photos and personalized photo strip album.  Our past customers all say…  “The Sleek Booth was the best decision we made for our wedding reception!”

DIY photo booth or hire a Professional?

During our 6 years of running a photobooth business we have heard couples say they want to have a photo booth for their wedding reception. However, “for that sort of money we could make our own”! Of course, everyone should plan their wedding according to their budget. We get it! But before you get into this ambitious project of DIY photo booth, let’s review what exactly you are getting yourself into:


You’re going to need some sort of device you can use as a camera-software interface. Most people have Tablets (or iPad) or Mobile devices (cell phones). And you certainly have to own one to even begin creating your DIY photo booth. 

In addition, you will also need to pair your device with a printer or forgo printing all together! Oh, how fun for all your guests.  The whole purpose of the photo booth is to be able to have memorable prints for all your guests and yourself!  So, you need to have a printing capability. 

Moreover, you will need to a solution for mounting your Tablet(s)/Device(s) and resolve any lighting issues. The recommendation here is to use Tripods connected to special housings for your Tablet/Device and special mobile lighting sources which attach to the top of the Tablet/Device. 

As a result, all of the hardware will certainly set you back by a few hundred dollars.

Factor that in when considering creating your own DIY vs. getting a professional photo booth. Your wedding guests deserve to have an unforgetable photo booth experience at your wedding!


What to so here? At the very least you’re going to need a “photo booth” application or some other form of photo booth software to act as an interface. It will allow for a “photo booth” style photo session  to take place and then convert the pictures into photo strips or postcards.

In addition to formatting pictures, these programs can add various effects to your photos to make them look a certain way. For example, Sepia and B&W. And what about adding your logo, a wedding tag line or a hashtag?

What’s the cost? There are some free photo booth applications, but if you want to do it right you’re going to be up for around $60 – $300 for a decent application.


Enclosed or an Open Air photo booth – you still need to have some structure. The simplest way to do this is to create a frame from steel or plastic piping, corners etc. which you can get from your local hardware store and then hang curtains all around it to make it like a traditional enclosed or open-air photo booth. Depending on the materials you use here you’re going to be up for at least a few hundred dollars. Why not let a pro photo booth company worry about that? We have multiple Open-Air and Enclosed options, you can check it out here.

 And what about the cost of Props, a Photobooth Album? Who will assist your booth so that your guests get the most out of it?

The most important question, are you ready for all this TIME INVESTMENT when you have to plan so much for your wedding? Let us take that burden off your shoulders!

To contact us for more information, click here.


Clearly, DIY photo booths can become way more expensive than what they initially may seem to be! Even once you have sourced all the items yourself it’s going to take a full weekend to assemble and test! Even the professionally made photo booths have hiccups from time to time but at least there is a professional photo booth business standing behind their machines to fix anything. You’re going to be totally on your own! 

Think twice if you just want to save money especially if it is for an important event like your wedding! Stick with a professional photo booth company! Check us out on Facebook or Instagram

Good luck and Happy PhotoBoothin!


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